What does a recruitment company do?

A recruitment company provides services to people looking for work. They interview you and then act as your representative, putting you forward to their clients that have job vacancies.

Can I drop in for an interview?

Because recruitment is a fast paced industry, we can only offer pre-booked interview times made with our consultants. You will need to register with us first.

I have applied for a specific vacancy through your site – what happens now?

If your details accurately match the selection criteria of the position, one of our CareerAgent Team will be in contact with you within the next 3-4 working days to discuss further.

I have only registered my CV with you – what happens?

If your area of expertise falls within one of our portfolio areas, we will be in contact ASAP, either by a phone call, an email or an email survey.

What areas do you recruit in?

We specialize in Sales, Marketing, HR, Accounts, Banking, Finance, Operations, Administration, Insurance and Contact Center.

Do you have Temp work?

Yes. We mainly offer Project Temp work – permanent temporary contracts – which means you could work full time hours for a short, medium or long term period.