Why Teklead?

At Teklead, we take our commitment to our customers and our work very seriously. Here are the reasons why you should value us just as much as we value you.

  • Software Development Expertise – Our company principles are highly technical with advanced degrees in Computer Science, exceptional management experience and knowledge of the latest technologies and methodologies in the field.
  • Cost Efficient – Teklead is cost-competitive without compromising quality.
  • Financially Strong – Our financially strong, boutique shop offers the client an efficient hands-on operation, resulting in lower cost and better quality.
  • Global Presence – Teklead boasts a global presence with delivery centers in North America, India and the UK.
  • Experience – 25 years of experience servicing Fortune 500 & Financial clients. When given a chance to work with a new client, we deliver.
  • —Well Connected – Our large network of IT resources across regions enables us to put together a team quickly.