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Teklead’s Global Reach

  • Offshore delivery centers staffed 24×7 in Bangalore, India and London, UK.
  • Providing highly skilled IT resources for a variety of systems and applications.
  • Cohesive approach to onsite and offshore development and support.

Our Team: Project Managers, Business Analysts and Application Developers

Our team is is highly experienced with coordination of onshore and offshore resources for many years and have online tools that all of our Project Managers, Business Analysts and Application Developers use. This makes coordination of our teams easier, convenient, and time-efficient, in addition to allowing us to constantly review, update and improve our resources. We have offshore developers on early and late shifts, as well as on-call, allowing complete overlap with the U.S. workday for smooth coordination of resources and issue resolution. Our Business Analysts are able to contact their offshore counterparts and lead developers several times during the day at prescheduled times or without notice.

Tools and Management

Many of our very large customers are completely handled by our off shore teams – and the majority of these customers have stayed with us since day one. We have the full range of outstanding talent and resource types at our offshore facilities and our attrition rate is extremely low. We have a very selective hiring process in addition to excellent training and on boarding processes. We utilize a time-tested transition process to handoff a project to the offshore team.

Teklead also has well established processes for handling projects in multiple states and cities. We utilize tools that are available and used by all team members in all locations. In each location the team leads are specially trained to handle the required communications, transition, and work with the various teams across timezones. Since we have employees and consultants in several cities and states, we are able to dispatch them to remote locations as required with short notice.

The tools and processes we have in place reduce some of the challenges related to teams working in different geographies and timezones. We utilize web based conferencing tools and choose a mutually well suited time for the daily standups so that all resources in all timezones can participate. All of the bug tracking, source control, project management tools, wikis, continuous integration, etc. tools are available to all team members in all locations.

Offshore Resourcing

  • —Experience – Very seasoned IT Managers, Architects, and a vast network of resources in Bangalore and other major technology centers in India, France, UK, Netherlands, Russian Federation, and Singapore.
  • —Comprehensive Review – After screening resumes, HR schedules phone and onsite interviews.
  • —Written Exam – For candidates with less than 3 years experience.
  • —2nd Round interview – For candidates with more than 4 years by our experienced Engineering Directors and Architects.
  • —3rd Round interview – Optional if requested by client.
  • —Background Checks – Before hiring.
  • —Mandatory Processes – Mandatory training for new hires, including compliance, best practices, standards, coding, testing, guidelines, and processes
  • —Training – Periodic project and role-based training.
  • Time Zone Work Coverage – —Staff work schedules include multiple shifts to conform to client business hours and time zones.