A Powerful Menu of Resources

Job recruitment is committed to your success and provides a number of tools and resources to help you get the most out of your company or department.

Tools for Your Success

  • Resume Search – Job recruitment Direct Source combines convenience, speed, and control by allowing you to search our applicant database to find candidates capable of making an immediate difference in your organization.
  • Cost Of Vacancy Calculator – Every second you leave a productive position unfilled costs you in lost opportunity. Use our calculator to find out exactly how much that empty chair is costing you.
  • Management Guides – Our management guides give you the basic tools you need to effectively staff and manage your company/department.
  • Time/Attendance – Combining best-of-breed systems, Apple Time Capture provides immediate control over Time Capture, Time Approval, Time Processing, Customized Management Reports – even Invoice Prior to Processing.
  • Review/Approve Time Cards – View, edit and approve multiple timecards in mere seconds, or easily access crucial business intelligence to track expenditures, create budgets or even forecast future staffing needs.
  • Staffing Newsletter – Our Newsletter, Staffing Success, is packed with stories and advice for managers looking to optimize Staffing, HR and Human Capital Management.